I am Nina.

Mother of a son, and would like to be a traveler. I have a special quote for this “journey”.

Dalai Lama rules of living no. 16 :

Once a year As often as possible, go someplace you’ve never been before.

Experience new places and new things. You might find yourself with someone or somewhere that makes you much happier than your previous circumstance. The Earth is so vast with unique and beautiful places, why wouldn’t you want to go explore them?

Well, since i was a child i have been struggling for travelling to any other place. It was so sad because I couldn’t make it happened at that time. Other country is just a story in Geography book, or History book.

After graduated from university i started to go to another country, but not for travelling, it was a business trip. I was a consultant for ERP at that time. 3 years working as an application consultant made me have no time to have pleasure outside country. I was too busy for technical matters. Yes i took an aircraft, luxury hotel, but with much stress and due date job in my head. then i decided to leave the job and take a job which is more peacefully for me.

Now, i am still a working mom in a Japanese Company. Still struggle in  taking annual leave and still have limited time to travel.

In current time, my travelling itinerary must be in cram plan to see places as possible as great.

But still I have a dream.. my willing to travel is to see other people, learn a life from them, bonding with locals, have a blessing, great wisdom and goodwill.